Ancient recipes, modern technology, eternal beauty.

The mission of Almaqah Cosmetics is to show everyone the attractive and fascinating world of scents and make the every day body care a magical and enjoyable ritual. The most precious ingredient of our products is the frankincense extract wich is very well know for it’s strong anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect.


Amber is one of the most sensual, most lasting scent, that has been used since ancient times in noble perfumes and quality cosmetics in the Middle-East and got very popular these days both among women and men worldwide.

Persian Rose

The queen of all flowers, symbol of beauty and love throughout the history of mankind. It’s different extracts have been used for medical and gastronomic purposes as well as ingredients for perfumes and cosmetics.

Oud Royal

Oud Royal the scent of kings and queens. Because of it’s exceptionally intense and captivating fragrance it’s unlike any other scent we met before. Because of the oud oil’s extremely high price, it’s ususally called the liquid gold of the Middle-East.