The sophisticated world of fragrances

The mission of Almaqah Cosmetics is to show everyone the attractive and fascinating world of scents and to get people know the secret effects of different aromas. The most precious ingredient of our products is the frankincense extract wich is very well know for it’s strong anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect.

Almaqah Cosmetics is about the freedom of creation, respecting the past and about the secrets of preserving the everlasting beauty. During the creation of our products, our main focus is on the philosophy of ancient traditional beauty care, therefore our formulations contain valuable and natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. The intense, oriental fragrance of our products evokes the magnificent mood of the mystical East and the same time they are suite the western requirements perfectly.

Every Almaqah product is an aphrodisiac itself. Thanks to the unique composition of the scents and ingredients they help to unfold our inner beauty and sensuality, they enhance beauty and seductive power. Thanks to their arometherapeutical effect, the scents effect our mood, therefore our health positively. Its not a secret that we would like to make the every day beauty routine an enjoyable experience..

Not tested on animals

Petroleum free

Oriental fragrance

With the power of nature

No SLS or parabens



Amber is one of the most sensual, most lasting scent, that has been used since ancient times in noble perfumes and quality cosmetics in the Middle-East and got very popular these days both among women and men in the whole world.

Oriental fragrance compositon

With its balsamic warmth it’s energizing, wakes up the fire in you and evokes desire, at the same time it pampers us which brings us joy in our dullest days too. It makes the oriental perfumes and cosmetics slightly vanilla scented. Beacause of it’s special aroma, it has been used as an aphrodisiac as well. With it’s exceptional lasting on the skin- with its natural odor-it acts as a real love elixir. As for its molecular sctructure, it’s an amazing base note and great „fixative”, therefore it makes the scents that are mixed together more lasting and the frangrance compositions more silky and oriental.

What is Amber?

Amber is the sweet smelling valuable metabolite of the sperm whale. Its a whiteish-greyish dollop, which is usually found floating in the ocean or on the shore. These days we dont use natural ambergris in perfumes or body care products because of the protection of the animals and beacause of it’s very high price. But fortunately they can recreate the natural scent perfectly in the laboratories from labdanum, vanilla and benzoin. Its often mentioned as the scent of love, which promises you a long lasting extra teasing odor experience.

Persian Rose

The queen of all flowers, symbol of beauty and love throughout the history of mankind. It’s different extracts have been used for medical and gastronomic purposes as well as ingredients for perfumes and cosmetics.

Female beauty is eternal

Rose has a special role in preserving feminine beauty. It not only affects the skin but also the soul and it’s fragrance has a delicate harmonizing and balancing effect. Thanks to it’s anti-oxidants it stimulates the renewing process of the skin, strengthens the wall of the cells and decreases the visible signs of stress on our skin. The story of this sumptuous smelling flower crosses through cultures and civilizations. Our rose scented products not only pamper us with their heavenly fragrance, but they make our skin and glamorous and glowy.

The scent of the rose

The rose essential oil and rose water –what are made with steam distiilation-have been used in the Middle-East for a long time for beauty and skin care rituals. The scent of the flower is intoxicating and it emphasizes femininity. Persia today Iran is the homeland of it, where a real cult of rose cultivation has been formed. We source our rose water right away from here, Kahsan, which is the main ingredient of our Persian Rose face and body care products, what we make richer with scented oils and rose absolute.

Oud Royal

Oud Royal, the scent of kings and queens. Because of it’s exceptionally intense, captivating fragrance it’s unlike any other scent we met before. Because of the oud oil’s extremely high price, it’s ususally called the liquid gold of the Middle-East.


It’s the charismatic and dominant scent of the the ancient Eastern world, what goes very well with fruity and floral scents. It makes the rose more silky, and the fruity compositions more erotic. Oud oil is one of the strongest aphrodisiac, and very popular in aromatherapy too because of it’s rich and mystical flavour. It has been widely used for thousands of years in the Middle-East, but the perfume industry of the western world had discovered it only a few years ago. Our Intense, nourishing oud scented cosmetics are still a real rarity in most of the perfume and cosmetics stores in Eruope.

Majestic pampering

As strange as it sounds, but the oud is the dark resin of the agar tree –wich is native specie in South-Eastern Asia-and what is produced by this tree’s mould.This exotic, woody frangrance is pretty oppulent, at the same time seductive and very sensual too, and wakens up our senses. It’s one of Almaqah Cosmetics’ best selling products. So if you would like something really special and want to feel pampered like a queen, than you should really try the Oud Royal product family.

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At Almaqah Cosmetics we are working on that this one of a kind, ancient beautifying and skin caring extract will be available for all.