We put science at the service of beauty, rediscovering ancient historical scents, – and with a lot of work and persevarence- we hope we created a wonderful product family.


I am Katalin Kovács, the creator of Almaqah Cosmetics. My passion is to make cosmetics and perfumes. Founding my company made it possible for my passion to be my profession.

Hand made cosmetics

I make the cometics from ancient recipes from natural ingredients. In this capturing, creative work: my intuition, my emoitions and my inspiration are what guides me. With the help of my imagination I hope I created magical cosmetics –for both women and men – which bring the mistycal world of the East closer to the modern world of the West.

Ars poetica

As a fragrance creator, I believe that perfumes and cosmetics can concentrate moods, memories, feelings and stories inside them. I believe, that scents are a tool of self expression and communication without words, which can have dramatic effects, generate deep emotions and fly us to the majestic world of senses.

Cosmetics and oriental perfumes

In my opinion perfume and cosmetics creation as applied art. Besides lexical knowledge and creativty, it need the kowledge of special creation technologies. Fragrances are capricious and they can change qickly, but if we handle them with an appropriate atttitude, they can turn into a real magic. Oriental frangrance compositions evoke the mood of ancient times and they bring exoticism, intentsity and mystical feelings in our lives.

In the attraction of fragrances

I recieved my masters degree in Environmental Science at the University of Szeged in Hungary. This was the time that my deep attraction for frangrances started taking shape. Thanks to this, I joined and completed all the relevant pefume and cosmetics making courses and workshops in the UAE and in Hungary.

The magical world of the Middle-East

My great attraction to archeology and the magical Middle East showed up pretty early in my life, when I was a child. And when I was a young adult, I decided to capture my dreams, my knowledge, my feelings my experience and my passion in a cosmetic and perfume brand and show it to the public under the name of Almaqah Cosmetics.

Environmental Specialist

I had the chance to move to the United Arab Emirates in 2011, where I worked as an environmental specialist. Little did I know at that time, how lucky I was, because I could gain insight into a mysterious world full of secrets. I fell into the paradise of the world known Middle Easter fragrance culture, into the oasis of fragrant attars, golden perfume oils and bakhoors. And I truly felt in the deep of my heart: Iam home!

Perfume creation  based on Science

Our chemist has his masters degree from Eszterházy Károly University, Hungary and he has been strengthening the team of Almaqah Cosmetics since 2016. It’s our expert’s task to: check the recipes of the creams and the professional check up before putting the products on the market for guaranteeing the best quality and maximal safety. We dare to belive that we create real value with our special cosmetics and that we bring unforgettable fragrant memories into the lives of many poeple everyday.

Professional Cosmetics Creation

The secret of Almaqah Cosmetics mainly lies in that we use scientific publications to recreate ancient cosmetics recipes and we use them to make our products. Relying on natural sciences we create our unique products in our laboratory. Our team is working in a serious and responsible manner, because we know exactly what damage the absorbtion of the chemicals and petrochemicals through the skin can cause in our health. All our products are vegan, they don’t contain SLS, parabens. We are commited to make the healthy, environmental- friendly and unique cosmetics more popular.

You can smell the scents of history

At Almaqah Cosmetics we are working on, to make this truly ancient and uniqe extract with all it’s beautifuying and nourishing effect available for everyone with our cosmetics.